Residency Artists

Renate Grazidei & Arthur Stäldi

Renate Graziadei (Austria). She worked with Rui Horta at the S.O.A.P. Dance Theatre Frankfurt. In1994 she established the LaborGras collective with Arthur Stäldi and realized 15 productions/projects with Arthur Stäldi. Since 2005 she has been teaching contemporary technique classes regularly in various institutions internationally, as training director, at the Folkwang Hochschule, PARTS Brussels, the Opera national de Paris, amongst others. Since summer 2004 she has been working as performer and co-rehearsal director for Sasha Waltz & Guests. Her most intimate and longest collaboration has been with the choreographer David Hernandez.

Arthur Stäldi (Switzerland). Following his dance education, he worked for several state theatres in Switzerland and Germany and founded the dance group COAX in 1989 with dancer Rica Blunck in Hamburg. In the summer of 1994, he becomes co-founder of the collective LaborGras. Since 1996 he has taught contemporary dance technique regularly in various institutions in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Columbia, Croatia and others.