Les Subsistances, Lyon, France April 16th – 19th 2014

Spider Expand! Lyon

10 teams, 9 shows, workshops, concerts and an art fair. From dance to theatre, from music to image without skipping a step ; a heterotopia of artists assemble for four days to resuscitate and revive performance and process. SPIDER « expands » and invades Les Subsistances.

SPIDER EXPAND ! Isn’t titled in English for nothing; it’s comprised of an international community of languages and cultures with a mandate towards creation and innovation. Here, boarders serve no purpose and limitations are obsolete. SPIDER proposes a manifestation of uncut and singular creations. Regardless of fashion or convention, SPIDER is concerned only with the here and now, confronting head on the antagonism of spectacle and performance, pop and the elite.

SPIDER is collective ! SPIDER is European, eclectic and audacious. Three years have passed since our first initiative. The web has spread, the field enlarged. Like biblical loaves of bread our collaborators have multiplied. The liquid of creation, comprised of equal parts poison and remedy, has been distilled. SPIDER is back, bringing with it projects that transport, incite and evoke with passion and without restraint.

“Come and see it all!” is the call from Loge 22, the organizers of this edition of SPIDER.

A bit of history

In autumn 2011, a gathering of artists was organized at Les Subsistances around the title SPIDER, with two subsequent editions taking place in Athens and Ljubljana. It was formulated as an itinerant artistic manifestation, a space of exchange between artists, venues and performative propositions. More than a tool for dissemination and an economy of means, SPIDER is a cooperative with a mandate to inspire and influence. Like a pop-up book, it unfolds the thoughts and desires of each artistic team, weaving and reassembling them. It appropriates with impunity the performance space, its artists assemble to contemplate and expose an alternative to culture.

SPIDER challenges power communally with dialogue, exchange and camaraderie. Following the success of the first edition, the event was organized again for the two following years.


In 2013, SPIDER became SPIDER EXPAND! SPIDER has acquired three new partners – DanscentrumJette (Belgium) DAN.C.CE (Greece) and LaborGras (Germany). Between September 2013 and April 2014, this new constellation has traveled to Ljubljana, Zagreb, Brussels, Athens and Berlin. Finally touching down at Les Subsistances of Lyon the 14 to 19 April 2014. Four days of Art in Movement. Assemble, activate, experiment, confront, see, hear … and participate … in a transient space housing artists from France, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany and the United States. The web is spreading.

SPIDER EXPAND! 2014 is larger and more international but paradoxically more of a village, still eclectic and exciting.

Along the process

For this edition, we propose a plethora of projects and openings but nevertheless, time is of the essence. In other words, showing the time of creation, of transmission, the passage from desire to decision. Reduced or dilated, Spider offers art time to live and to replicate.

Inspired by a mountain trek, a performance by the talented Gabriel Schenker (Brazil/Brussels) explores the hybrid space between spoken and performed dance. He unfolds the sensitive conditions surrounding the emergence of movement for the performer. Not simple operation !

To mater’s tightrope walker, Jordi Gali (Spain/Lyon), time and movement are embodied. Over the course of a few days, he will construct in real time an extreme but fragile architecture to which only he has the key.

Integrating space and its contingencies is one of the missions of collective Loge 22 (France / Brussels). With Konkretheit, the six collaborators take part in a road movie across a foggy landscape. A linguistic study of gesture and the modalities of writing, abstraction and the poetics of the concrete.

SPIDER Matej Kejžar (Slovenia/Ljubljana) is also ensnared in this poetic. His return to Lyon is as gladiator against exhaustion in his duo of dance and

De Facto – Sasa Božić and Petra Hrašćanec (Croatia/Zagreb) present Love Will Tear Us Apart, the first in their pop music trilogy. A beautiful gaze cast over the space between dance and music.

Eleanor Bauer (USA/Brussels) also returns to Lyon, accompanied this time by a cabal of dancers who throw open the doors towards eternity. Midday And Eternity (The Time Piece) is occupied by the mystique of time, duration and vital life force. Neo-hippies or Dadaists, it’s impossible to say.

Eleanor will also regale us with her singular sense of humor in her “talk show” Bauer Hour which has been enchanting our Belgian neighbors for months.

Variations Orientalistes is the final collective creation of Sandra Iché (France/Lyon) and her collaborators Mary Chebbah, Renaud Golo, Pascale Schaer and Vincent Weber. One way to investigate ‘the outside’ and everything that it represents.

The utterance takes its place in the work of Fabrik and their Cinema Prehistorique. In their own words they endeavor to; “untether image, dream the text and contemplate the sound…”

Poet of transformation, Jean-Emanuel Belot has returned with his anti-mystical Tous les christs ici ressemblent à Björn Borg, a solo he created in Lyon in 2010 …

Finally, Leja Jurišić and Teja Reba, are back with the even more provocative and politically incorrect The Second Freedom ; testing the limits of what is
possible on stage. A meditation on freedom; watch your eyes !

You are welcome!