Charlie Laban Trier (DK)

Thursday 2 June at 6.45 pm

Slovenian premiere

Step by step I ride myself / Higher grounds above, beneath, between, beyond / A square can be made again / break them into smaller ones that might be bigger in the end / I am my own powerhouse, my own pet / Submission is my virtue – I submit to everyMe and nobody / The struggle is Real, but the ride is quite nice
Inspired by queer theories, The Internet, Voguing and practices of bondage, Trier’s piece draws on contextualized knowledge of move(ment)s and forms, as well as “the realness of fakeness”.

Created and performed by: Charlie Laban Trier; production: SNDO Amsterdam.

Photo by: Nellie de Boer
Duration: 180 minutes


Benjamin Sebastian (UK/AU)

Thursday 2 June at 7.15 pm, 8.15pm, 9.15pm


For Spider 2016, Sebastian will present the durational live installation Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. Often incorporating graphic imagery as a mechanism of resistance, Sebastian’s visual language explores how duration, repetition and appropriation can be utilised as technologies of queerness to reclaim space from heteronormativity; in turn dismantling binary logic and creating new narratives.

Performed by: Benjamin Sebastian, in co-operation with drummer Jaka Berger (SI), and tattooist Alan Kosmač (SI)

Photo by: Monika Sobczak
Duration: 180 minutes


Andreas Hannes (GR/NL)

Thursday 2 June at 7.30 pm

Slovenian premiere

Panegyric – a public speech in praise of someone or something / a eulogistic oration or writing.
“Ah! You’re all pushing. You’re pushing it. You’re pushing it. Just relax. Relax. You’re pushing it.
It’ll go out by itself. Don’t put nothing in it unless you feel it. Let’s do it again please.” – Nina Simone (I shall be released; live version)
Amongst the human needs, there is the need for significance, striving for importance, to be remembered, to beat ephemerality. Hannes’ Panegyric is a place where this need is driving the wheel of actions.

Concept, choreography and performed by: Andreas Hannes, production: SNDO Amsterdam, Small House Productions

Photo by: Nellie de Boer
Duration: 20 minutes


Laurent Chétouane (FR) & Mikael Marklund (SE)

Thursday 2 June at 8.00 pm


Is it possible in dance to experience the body and the movement simultaneously in such a way that the movement no longer “suppresses”, hides, even denies the body in favour of the two-dimensional visual stimulus, but on the contrary re-endows it with its three-dimensionality, its weight, its materiality, even its “animality”? Becoming body. Again. As a funny game with itself in its own alienness. As a serious game with the fall(ing). As a melancholy game with the “I” of the mirror. As experience of its infinite finiteness.
Je(u) – In French, “je” means “I” and “jeu” means “game” or “play”. Both words are pronounced the same.

Dance: Mikael Marklund; Light: Stefan Riccius

Photo: © Marcel Duchamp – A propos de Jeune Soeur(About Young Sister) source
Duration: 35 minutes


Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen (DK)

Thursday 2 June at 9 pm

Slovenian premiere

In Kalk, Sigrid Stigsdatter, an Amsterdam based choreographer and vocalist, is investigating the physical, personal and intimate processes of transformation within a choreographic structure that deals with the notion of dedication and its meanings. – Dear You / You left your things with me / and it got stuck there / I Wonder if it stays stuck there / does it become a fossil? / Could I preserve us? / No progression nor development // You were my elbow or my sister / You were wild and dangerous / Truth is I miss you / And I always think of you when I hear that song // X

Created and performed by: Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen

Photo by: Nellie de Boer
Duration: 25 minutes

CLUB 1 2

Matej Kejžar (Slovenia)

Thursday 2 June at 9.30 pm


Initially an utopian idea, rave evolved into the last big social movement of our times – the dancing movement! Rave was a sub-structural techno perversion emerging from behind, and splashing over, the borders of the dominant epistemology. Club 1 2 is taking these facts as the pivot point of its creation. It utilizes rave in order to confront the choreographic avant-garde, strongly dominated by the structure of capitalistic demands, and to declare it dead. Inspired by Tommaso Campanella’s utopian City of the Sun and questioning the structures of gathering and individuality, Club 1 2 is an ode to the Dance with a capital D, to the dance liberated from structure.

Performed by: Riccardo Guratti, Matej Kejžar, Gilles Polet, Peter de Vuyst; Set & light design: Petra Veber; Music: DJ Dick or Greta; Technical Director: Igor Remeta; Residences: L’escaut Brussels, Dansmakers Amsterdam; Production: Pekinpah

Photo by: Petra Veber
Duration: 90 minutes


Ofelia Jarl Ortega (Sweden)* & Ornamenti d’Oro (Argentina)

Thursday 2 June at 11.30 pm

Slovenian premiere

Ortega and d’Oro met in 2015 at the Hyperlocal Festival (London/Buenos Aires) and started a collaboration exploring punk and pop aesthetics, ancient mythologies, and the Middle Ages. Out came Valquiria, a dance-concert performance on Norse mythology, witchcraft and plague. Combining repetitive dance, lights, synths, and multiple voices, Valquiria creates a small universe bereft of sunlight and filled with dark haze of permanent winter.

Music, costumes, set design, light design, and peformed by: Ofelia Jarl Ortega & Ornamenti d’Oro; Production: Festival Hyperlocal (London/Buenos Aires)

Photo by: Jamain Brigitha
Duration: 35 minutes


Dick & Greta (Slovenia)

Friday 3 June at 11 am, *Raft Boat on Ljubljanica River

Exclusive, unrepeatable, historically-specific appearance of the ©D&GDuet!

The legendary duo is returning to the Spider festival once again. This time, they will subversively shake the surface of the Ljubljanica river. Combining the Berlin vibe and the Balkan spirit, the party will take place on a raft boat. During the day!

Quit your jobs and cancel your commitments, put on your sunglasses, take off your shirts and blouses, and let’s go!

Location: Trnovo Pier – Bobermarine

Photo by: Unknown
Duration: infinite


Poppy Jackson (UK)

Friday 3 June at 5 pm, *Secret Location

A one time only event

Poppy Jackson is a renowned actionist artist, investigating themes around the performativity of the body through working with the female body itself as site. Celebrating the body through a rite of passing and transformation, her new piece presents an embodied ritual in action, in conjunction with the local architecture. Developed from her work Site, which was part of the SPILL Showcase 2015, Rite spans poles of power and vulnerability. In activating public space, it critiques current societal attitudes towards the female body, drawing inspiration from the ancient figure of the Sheela-na-Gig who was previously installed above many church doorways.

Thank you to Alistair Jackson for being such a wonderful dad, always so supportive and proud. Rest in peace.
Poppy Jackson

Created and performed by: Poppy Jackson

Photo of Jackson’s performance Site at SPILL Festival of Performance, Toynbee London, 2015. Photo by Marco Berardi