Španski borci
Thursday 2 June 2016
Friday from 6.30 pm to 2 am

Secret location
Friday 3 June 2016
Friday from 11 am to 6 pm


Our existence is defined by an endless process of motion that even death cannot put to an end. Nothing is still, everything is moving, everything is changing. We live in a zone of constant change. Everything we need is always present in a form of movement right here and right now. The present, the Time Now, is seeking change. Constantly. It is always at the pivot point where things shift from one side to another. The ongoing motions that are happening on many levels of our being and our existence are actually a continuous consequence of the dancing universe – they are dance!

Couldn’t we say that one of the most important things we all share is exactly the dancing experience? Do we need tools at all to explain this experience? Do we need writing that enables one to understand such self-evident principles as movement and change?

Dance as a form can liberate itself from tools such as choreography, since dance is an entity that can and does exists and communicate independently. And opening up a myriad of potentials and potentialities is one of dance’s most profound qualities. Dance can break down itself in front of spectators’ eyes just to build itself up again afterwards. Dance is nothing but a constant change, drawing on the vitality of the ongoing movement of everything, including, and especially of, the body. It’s time to embrace this ever-changing dancing body!

Spider is creating an atmosphere for emergence of radical thought through radical movement. Placing the moving body in the limelight, Spider is a post-contemporary dance and performance gathering on the edges of here and now. Spider makes one think about their own individuality and their own structural (in)dependence in the context of relations between movement and existence. It is celebrating the idea that differences need to be inspected in the light of the proverbial bigger picture, which in the case of Spider is the moving universe itself. And the movement of the universe doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, does it?!

Matej Kejžar
project initiator and artistic director of the Spider 2016 festival