Danscentrumjette, Brussels, Belgium
March 8th 2014
From 5 pm to 3 am

Spidernight Brussels

SPIDERNIGHT brussels is an international gathering, focusing on contemporary dance & living arts and has been organized by danscentrumjette and redorangeproductions as a part of the SPIDER EXPAND! project.

it is a black manifestation, in a black wrapped danscentrum, in our urge to question the function of contemporary dance & living performing arts as a catalyzer for movements which expand! the space and create alternative ways and new connections. the program will show international and belgium performers in a surprising artistic form, EXPANDing our experience from contemporary dance and performing arts to a happening including visual arts and a musical concept of spaciality. showing all these personalized performances in a unified visual form will simplify the lecture and encourage our desire to move.

it is common in theaters to paint objects black in order to make them not being seen, to blend in with the surrounding backstage to make them disappear. SPIDERNIGHT comes out of a desire to make things appear, to do something with nothing, or nothing. in a black empty space through spoken words, movements and performed actions we try to make a world visible. the black space is being filled, little by little, with movements, words and things, objects and actions, with presence and emptiness.

we will present some of the finest shows from our belgium and european partners in a happening that tries to question the interactions between the different performances in a same context and the interactivity of dancers, performers and spectators.

due to the limited number of possible spectators we decided to stream the whole creation process and the show on internet to be able to share our experience with the people we like.

spider events in various european cities are an integral part of the SPIDER EXPAND! project, which aims to bring together dancers, performers and professionals working in arts & culture sector. through dance residency programs, workshops, performances and presentations of international artists, debates, meetings and spider events in athens, berlin, brussels, ljubjana, lyon and zagreb, the project explores new ways of connecting local and international communities. it encourages creativity, sharing knowledge and experiences, and indentifies the cooperation of artists engaged in
the project. SPIDER EXPAND! was initiated by slovenien dancer matej kejžar and includes: kingkong/pekinpah (ljubljana), collectif loge 22 (lyon), de facto (zagreb), danscentrumjette (brussels), dan.c.ce/dance cultural centre (athens) and laborgrass (berlin)

You are welcome!