WISHFUL THINKING, the fantasy cycle


Friday 2nd May 2014 at 8.30 pm

“the fantasy cycle” … a pattern that recurs in personal lives, in politics, in history – and in storytelling. When we embark on a course of action which is unconsciously driven by wishful thinking, all may seem to go well for a time, in what may be called the “dream stage”. But because this make-believe can never be reconciled with reality, it leads to a “frustration stage” as things start to go wrong, prompting a more determined effort to keep the fantasy in being. As reality presses in, it leads to a “nightmare stage” as everything goes wrong, culminating in an “explosion into reality”, when the fantasy finally falls apart.
Christopher Booker, about “wishful thinking” – ‘The Telegraph’, 23 April 2011

Brief CV – Antonis Sporidis
He is a graduate of the Greek National School of Dance and of the Department of Products & Systems Design Engineers of the University of the Aegean. He teaches to the pre-professional department of the Greek National School of Dance. Together with Markella Manoliadi are the artistic coordinators of the Hellenic Junior Dance Company founded in November 2013 by its Artistic Director Pavlina Veremi.
He has danced with the Hellenic Dance Company. Also in choreographies by Tono Lachky and by Christine Gouzelis & Paul Blackman (Jukstapoz dance company), in Martha Graham repertory, in choreographies by Pierre Magendie (KammerTanzKoop) and Katerina Andreou (NO-BALLET international choreography contest, Germany) and with the Akropoditi Dance Theater.

Concept, Creation: Antonis Sporidis; Choreography: Antonis Sporidis in collaboration with the performers; Performers: Ageliki Gouvi, Marilena Dara, Anastasis Karahanidis, Christiana Kosiari, Alexis Fousekis; Sound Mixing: Antonis Sporidis; Costumer: Natasa Dimitriou; Special Thanks to: Pavlina Veremi, to Yiorgos Chouliaras, to Vicky Kolovou and to the Dan.c.ce Unitiva (Dimitris Nassiakos and Froso Trousa).

Duration: 15’ mins

Auto – da – fé


Friday 2nd May 2014

“We are one. From the blind worm at the bottom of the sea to the endless palestra of the Galaxy, one only strives and is in danger, our self”
Askitiki, Nikos Kazantzakis
Special thanks to Patricia Apergi, George Petsas and my collaborators for their support and generosity.

Brief CV – Mariza Vinieratou
Mariza Vinieratou studied dance and choreography ( Laban Centre -London and NYU, New York – Masters of Fine Arts). In 1993 she co-creates the XIPóLYTOS Dance Theatre – which toured at various New York City and London theatres and festivals till 1999. Her activities extend from movement and choreography teaching (Bessie Schönberg Choreography Workshops, State School of Dance, AMC – BA in Dance Performance etc..), to academic writing and participating in Dance Allowance Committees(Greek Ministry of Culture, ITI).

Performed by: Nontas Damopoulos; Choreography: Mariza Vinieratou; Music composition: Dimitris Tsoukas; Lighting Design: Nikos Vlasopoulos; Artist: Philip Vasiliou

Duration: 15’ mins



Friday 2nd May 2014

A search after authenticity.

The work ‘Aurora’ arose from the stories of wild children (Feral children), children that spent the first few years of their life with no human contact; either raised by animals or secluded by abusive parents. While dealing with this subject, I came across the story of Genie: A child that had spent the first 13 years of her life strapped to a potty chair, locked isolated in a room by abusive parents. This development of an alternate human physicality was a gripping matter. This piece is dedicated to her.

Brief CV – Meytal Blanaru
Born in Israel, Meytal Blanaru is a Brussels based dancer, choreographer and teacher. Since
her moving to Europe, she has been working with Lisi Estaras in ‘Les Ballets C de la B’, Damien Jalet in ‘Eastman’ Dance Company, Samuel Lefeuvre, Roberto Olivan, Monia Montali, and Yaron Shamir. She bases her work, inspiration and teaching method on Feldenkrrais method.

Created and performed by: Meytal Blanaru; Music: Noam Dorembus; Costume design: Yaarit Eliyahu; Diffusion: SEVENTYSEVEN Productions

Duration: 16’ mins



Friday 2nd May 2014

In this piece we subject words to the rules of movement composition and explore the potential of the word as a body, taking into account not only meaning, but also sound plasticity and the relationship to voice, breathing,rhythm and musicality. We place ourselves in that moment where the word repeated loses its meaning and within the possibility of degeneration and transformation. As other words emerge, we are able to observe how our minds work – in the chaos of sound textures there is always a logical connection to something recognizable.

Brief CV – Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz
Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz are independent dancers and choreographers who have collaborated since 2006. Their work has been presented in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany. Romania, Belgium,UK and The Nederlands and they teach movement as part of the theatre programme at ESAD – Caldas da Rainha. They often lead international workshops and are associate artists at Materias Diversos and O Espaco do Tempo.

Directed, written and performed by: Sofia Dias & Vitor Roriz; Artistic collaborator: Catarina Dias; Technical director and lighting designer: Nuno Borda de Agua; Costumes : Lara Torres; Co-production by: Box Nova / CCB, O Espacodo Fumo, ONegocio / ZDB, Bains Connective; Funded by: Governo de Portugal / Secretario de Estado da Cultura-DG Artes; Tour management: Materiais Diversos.

Duration: 50’ mins

META a duet


Saturday 3rd May 2014 at 8.30

META is a dance piece that deals with the state of being, straight after a shocking experience, a big fight, when we realize that life goes on without us and redefine ourselves. META is a moving picture of two women, of two of the survivors, with the tension of no intension of moving forward. ΜΕΤΑ started in May 2013, at the Duncan Dance Research Center-Athens, as a research made on the occasion of the completion of 110 years since the writing of Isadora Duncan manifesto ‘the Dance of the Future” .

Brief CV – Artemis Lampiri
Artemis Lampiri was born in 1984 in Athens, where she now works as a choreographer, dance teacher and dancer. She has presented her work and led workshops in Greece, Germany, Croatia, the Netherlands, Israel and Spain. She studied at the Professional School of Dance “Rallou Manou”, later choreography at ArtEZ in Holland and Theatre Studies at the University of Utrecht with a full scholarship by the State Foundation (IKY).
As a dancer she has worked with Magpie Dance Music (Katie Duck), Antigone Gyra, Silvia Bennett, The Greek National Opera, Abhilash Ningappa, Sylvain Meret, Noa Simons, Meli Melo, GNO, Daniel Lommel and others for adult and children performances.

Concept, choreography: Artemis Lampiri; Performers: Candy Karra, Artemis Lampiri; Artistic Assistant: Hara Kotsali; Costume designer: Dimitra Liakoura; Original music: AKA TheNewBestNiagara / Alexandros Karadimos; Photos: Dionisis Tsousis; Production: MAN dance company; With the support of: Duncan Dance Center, Kinitiras residency center and Topos Kinisis Dance School

Duration: 30’ mins



Saturday 3rd May 2014

“(…) for he saw that life liv’d upon death: The Ox in the slaughter house moans, The Dog at the wintry door;
And he wept & he called it Pity,
And his tears flowed down on the winds. (…)”
excerpt for “The first book of Urizen” by William Blake

By and with: Luis Guerra; Technical Direction: Zeca Iglesias; Photography: Sara Moutinh; Production: Bomba SuicidaUrizen, Luís Guerra; Crédits: Sara Moutinho

Duration: 15’ mins

‘LUCID’ – Excerpts from ‘Vicious Cycle’


Saturday 3rd May 2014

Within an unknown place and time we observe a couple’s transparent and sober reality, which scars their fragile state of mind.. A cycle of attraction and decay, full of contrasts and contradictions.

Brief CV – Jukstapoz Co.
Christine Gouzelis has performed under names such as Jasmin Vardimon, David Zambrano and Hellenic Dance Company. Christine has toured the U.S.A, Australia, Asia, Scandinavia and Europe, collaborating, performing and leading professional seminars.
Paul Blackman has previously performed with such companies as Jasmin Vardimon Company, Rootlessroot, Battery Dance Company, West Australian Ballet, buzz Dance Theatre. He has worked as choreographic assistant at “Dancing to Connect” program which has currently reached over 54 countries worldwide. Paul has led professional and educational dance workshops at various institutes and studios internationally.

Choreography – Performance: Paul Blackman & Christine Gouzelis; Set design: Dimitris Nasiakos; Sound: Kostis Pavlopoulos; Supported by: Dan.c.ce, Spider, OCC -Stegi

Duration: 20’ mins



Saturday 3rd May 2014

Tania has already participated in several festivals of France and Central Europe (Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Chantiers d’Europe, Biennale de Danse Lyon). Inspired by a text by Valter Hugo Mãe, her solo “Sincopa” reveals what exists under the skin, between the muscles and the bones.

Brief CV – Bomba Suicida
Born in 1997, Bomba Suicida is an association of culture promotion created by artists that come from the contemporary performative arts field. These artists keep their singular and distinctive artistic and personal personality although they all share the same collective spirit. In their presentation they reveal a relation of tension between a body struck by catastrophe and a movement seeking to liberate it.

Choreography and interpretation: Tania Carvalho; Rehearsal assistant: Petra Von Gompel; Music: ”Nada” by Tania Carvalho; Text: Valter Hugo Mae; Costumes: Aleksandar Protic; Light Desing: Zeca Iglesias; Photography: Margarida Dias; Production: sales (Sofia Matos); Production: Bomba Suicida; Co Production and artistic residency: O Espaco do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo); Support: Alkantara (Lisboa), Re.aL (Lisboa); Acknowledgements: Regis Estreich

Duration: 45’ mins



Sunday 4th May 2014 at 8.30pm

This choreographic piece consists of a mosaic of paths in space with intention of delivering a present state of things which, though it seems to change, in its’ core remains the same. The exhaustive corporeality which evolves in space witnesses a pulsating scheme with a punch line… of uncertainty.

Brief CV – Christos Xyrafakis
He is a graduate of the National School of Dance in Athens. He has already collaborated with several Greek and international choreographers. In 2013, he participated at the 8th international choreography competition “No-Ballet” in Germany with his first choreographic attempt Syn.Thesis. In summer 2014 he will join the program “EX-IN” (Germany) led by David Zambrano.

Concept, choreography: Christos Xyrafakis; Co-creation, performers: Agelina Gouvi, Marilena Dara, Ioanna Paraskevopoulou, Christina Reinhardt; Music composition & performance: Lucas Tsolakian; Costumes: Dimitra Liakoura; Special Thanks to: Olga Spyraki

Duration: 20’ mins

RETOUR (what if…)


Sunday 4th May 2014

Retour – two dancers, one musician and the question, what if…?
Made at Studio laborgras, it is the first piece created in the frame of the long term Project “The Renaissance of…”

Brief CV – Renate Graziadei & Arthur Stäldi
Renate Graziadei ( Austria). She worked with Rui Horta at the S.O.A.P. Dance Theatre Frankfurt. In1994 she established the LaborGras collective with Arthur Stäldi and realized 15 productions/projects with Arthur Stäldi. Since 2005 she has been teaching contemporary technique classes regularly in various institutions internationally, as training director, at the Folkwang Hochschule, PARTS Brussels, the Opera national de Paris, amongst others. Since summer 2004 she has been working as performer and co-rehearsal director for Sasha Waltz & Guests. Her most intimate and longest collaboration has been with the choreographer David Hernandez.
Arthur Stäldi (Switzerland).Following his dance education, he worked for several state theatres in Switzerland and Germany and founded the dance group COAX in 1989 with dancer Rica Blunck in Hamburg. In the summer of 1994, he becomes co-founder of the collective LaborGras. Since 1996 he has taught contemporary dance technique regularly in various institutions in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Columbia, Croatia and others.

Idea & Choreography: Renate Graziadei & Arthur Stäldi; Performance: Mariagiulia Serantoni, Renate Graziadei; Music Composition, Voice & Performance: Phoebe Killdeer; Music recordings were played by: Ole Wulfers (Guitar & Musical Saw), Oli Savill (Percussion), Julien Decoret (Bass & Double Bass), Mareike Hube (Trumpet); Dramaturgy: Arthur Stäldi; Costume: Chantal Margiotta; Light design: Lutz Deppe; Production: Inge Zysk; Public Relations: k3 berlin; Photos: David Beecroft – Performance Photography

Duration: 45’ mins



Sunday 4th May 2014

The latest work of Aerites takes off where d.opa! and Era poVera ended. It maintains the spirit of navigating the urban labyrinth. In «Planites», following the path that the moduldance program offered to us, we studied the kinetic and musical codes of other cultures and integrated these elements into our own code.
Planites are people of the world. They travel and carry with them stories and experiences from the past in order to adapt to a foreign way of life without losing their own identity. They are the contemporary immigrants; they are the citizens of the world.

Brief CV – Patricia Apergi
Was born in Athens. She completed her education in the branches of dance, theatre and choreography at the Kapodistrian University in Athens , the Niki Kotaxaki dance school, the Université de Nice Sophia- Antipolis and the Middlesex University in London. Patricia Apergi has taken part in numerous workshops for dance and theatre and she has worked as a freelance choreographer for various theatres in Greece.
In 2010 she was invited for the accumulations residency program at Tanzquartier Wien. She also led improvisation-repertoire classes for the BA dance performance at the A.M.C of the Rohampton University and the program dance 65+ for elders at Onassis Cultural Center. Her company Aerites is based in Athens and was formed in 2006.

Choreography: Patricia Apergi; Perfomers: Nontas Damopoulos , Konstantinos Papanikolaou, Konstantinos Rizos, Dimokritos Sifakis,
Ilias Chatzigeorgiou; Music Composition: Vasilis Mantzoukis; Adreas Ragnar Kasapis; Costumes: Patricia Apergi, Ilias Chatzigeorgiou; Lighting Design: Nikos Vlasopoulos; Dramaturgy consultant: Roberto Fratini; Choreographer’s assistants: Chara Kotsali, Dimitra Mitropoulou; Assistant for the set: Konstantinos Michalakeas; Photography: Tasos Vrettos; Design of Promotional Material: Kallina Kyratsouli; Creative contributors: Nadi Gogoulou, Androniki Marathaki, Maro Marmarinou, Ioanna Paraskevopoulou, Martha Passakopoulou, Margarita Trikka

Duration: 60’ mins