h2. Senser 2010

*Matej Kejžar (SI)*
*Friday %(date)29. 10. 2010% > black box > 21.30*
*Sunday %(date)31. 10. 2010% > black box > 20.30*

h3. We are All Transexuals.

There is no single question. There is no single reaction. There are just some emotions. On the Edge there is a space. A space to Dance. Matej Kejžar created a solo, Senser, in 2004, playing with how our senses create the frames through which we make sense, how ways of seeing structure determine ways of understanding. The rhythm of appearance and disappearance emphasised the question who creates the meaning: the observer or the observed. In Senser 2010 the same kind of principles are used within the complex »power« structures, including the ability to control the environment of the external space and behaviour of others, deriving from Kejžar's experience as a dancer (in collaboration with Maja Delak, Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker), a choreographer (At senses at the Times, Burlesque, ) and a mentor (contemporary technique, improvisation and composition on P.A.R.T.S., SEAD, SNDO). Kejžar's movements »on the edge« create basis for interaction and identity transformation. Between ability and inability, sensibility and unpredictability, there is Space. As long as we create, our movement is »red.«


p(smaller). Concept and performance: *Matej Kejžar*
Technical director: *Borut Cajnko*
Producer: *Žiga Predan*
Production (2010): *Kink Kong (SI)*
Production (2004): *Exodos Ljubljana*
Co-produced by: *KD Qulenium* & *Plesni Teater Ljubljana*
Supported by: *The Ministry of Culture of The Republic of Slovenia*
Premiere (2010): *09. 03. 2010*, *SEAD Salzburg (AT)*
Premiere (2004): *23. 03. 2004*, *Plesni Teater Ljubljana*
Duration: *50 minutes*